San Juan VA Medical Center

Develop Project Book Seismic Corrections

Year Complete
Project Size
1,250,000 SF (10 buildings)
Project Location
San Juan, Puerto Rico VAMC
Services Included
  • Project Management
  • Medical Planning

The objective of the Seismic Project Book was to develop the project scope and define the project requirements, identify project risks, and establish the programmatic budget to correct seismic deficiencies related to structural and non-structural deficiencies. The analysis recommended three buildings for replacement versus retrofit as the retrofit cost either exceeded the new construction cost or came within 70% of new construction cost. The Seismic Project Book is an assembly of Government Furnished Information (GFI) and on-site observations and analysis performed by the Atriax team.

Key Words: Healthcare, Programming, Planning, Condition Assessment, VA

San Juan entrance San Juan VA Medical Center
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