WJB Dorn Perimeter Fence - main entrance

Construct Perimeter Fence

Year Complete
Project Size
Campus Perimeter
Project Location
WJB Dorn VAMC, Columbia, SC
Services Included
  • Civil Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Architecture
  • Construction Services
  • Site Survey

A chain link fence surrounding the campus was replaced with a security fence that better dignifies the facility it accents. Atriax coordinated the fence style and location with the State Historic Preservation Office. For areas in public view, columns are snugly fitted into sturdy foundations and connect to one another with metal bar fencing. The majestic columns and see-through fencing create a symmetrical, dignified aspect to the campus while upping campus security. Land that is out of the public eye is secured with a sturdy vertically lined all-metal fence designed to be unclimbable.

Key Words: Architecture, Engineering, Construction Period Services

WJB Dorn Perimeter Fence - main entrance WJB Dorn Perimeter Fence - car entrance WJB Dorn Perimeter Fence - gate WJB Dorn Perimeter Fence - outside
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