Oct. 8, 2008

Atriax, PLLC awarded The National Register Preservation Award for Adaptive Reuse - George L. Bailey House


Atriax's dedication to preserving the building's heritage while repurposing it for modern use showcases its commitment to preserving cultural and architectural treasures. Such initiatives not only breathe new life into old structures but also contribute to sustainable development and community enrichment.

The National Register Preservation Award for Adaptive Reuse recognizes outstanding people, projects, businesses, and organizations in the field of historic preservation. The strength of our awards program comes from the work of people who take the time to nominate deserving individuals, organizations, and projects that have made a difference in historic preservation.

Preservation awards like this one play a significant role in encouraging more individuals and organizations to engage in the preservation and adaptive reuse of historic landmarks. It's an acknowledgment of the hard work, attention to detail, and vision required to undertake successful restoration projects.

Congratulations to Atriax for their exceptional work, and may their success inspire others to follow in their footsteps in safeguarding our cultural heritage for generations to come.

July 4, 2011

Atriax, PLLC awarded Multiple Sustainable (LEED) Design and Construction Awards

Atriax has won multiple Sustainable (LEED) Design and Construction Awards.

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July 14, 2015

Atriax, PLLC wins 2015 Best of Catawba Valley – Finest Interior Design Firm

Atriax brings unique expertise that is in demand on-site and in the field at medical centers, military and governmental installations and public and private sector locations across the globe. The company has uncommon experience for a small business with projects literally across the continental United States as well as multiple overseas locations.

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Sept. 8, 2010

2010 Catawba County Faith in the Future Award for Small Business awarded to Atriax, PLLC

The Faith in the Future Award is a testament to Atriax's dedication and hard work. Atriax boasts a team of project managers, architects, engineers, and interior designers. It’s the manner in which we immerse ourselves into each project challenge to create thoughtful, incisive and practical solutions that really make the difference.

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